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Prospects for the conveyor belt industry

Number of visits: Date:2020-09-01 15:58

Conveyor belt is a rubber industrial product after tires. It is mainly used for material transportation in coal, dock, metallurgy, machinery industry and warehousing industry. Its product quality, specifications and application range, to a certain extent, mark the national economy and technology. The level of development. With the rapid development of China's national economy, China has also achieved great development opportunities in the energy, power, metallurgy, building materials, docks and other industries, and conveyor belt products are closely related to the development of these industries, the conveyor belt is also the national economy. Development has played a very important role. In the international market environment, China's rubber industry conveyor belt industry faces a new environment, and how to maintain a good momentum of development for a long time has increasingly attracted the attention of the industry.